Flights From London To Lax

flights from london to lax

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Air New Zealand flight at 36000ft on route from Auckland (NZ) to London (ENG) via LA (USA).

As a kid living on the west coast of Ireland, I would often watch jet planes fly high above and wonder where they were going? where were they comng from? Now in the 21st century I have an app for that! The planefinder app gives you lots of detail about commercial aircraft in real time. Handy if you want to know if a flight is on time or if you are just wondering where they are going. As we are on a major flight path for alot of transatlantic flights my childhood curiousity is well satisified! This was taken from my front door,the type of jet is a "Boeing 777 300"!!

Photo editing at 32,000 feet

Photo editing at 32,000 feet

Shot some pictures for a friends wedding in the UK on Saturday (some will be on flickr soon ...) - have about 400 to sort through, but luckily (?), I also had a 10.5 hour flight from London to Los Angeles (I'm on my way to San Diego for work), so it was a great way of passing the hours.

Photo was taken just west of Greenland - lots of cloud below ....

Oh, and hi Anna ! Looked out of the window flying into LAX, but didn't see you ;-)

flights from london to lax

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